Why should you consider getting some resistance bands?

Working out with resistance bands can be a helpful way of increasing repetitions on exercises you’re struggling with.

There are several benefits linked with resistance bands.

Overcoming Plateaus

During the process of working out, you might notice that the progression rate is slowing down. As we all know, progression is key to building muscle and improving your strength.

If you’re experiencing some stagnation right now, don’t be upset, there is a technique you can apply, which will help you for sure.

Attach your resistance bands to a bar. They will take some strain away from the muscles you’re working on in order for you to go beyond muscle failure. After shocking the muscle with the application of this technique, your strength will increase greatly in foreseeable time.

Warming up

Warming up is an essential part of any routine you want to do. Not only does it help with the health of your tendons, it also prepares your muscles for the stress they will receive.

Resistance bands are a great way of warming up, as they allow you to stretch with greater range of motion. In addition to that, they put some tension on your muscle so they get warmed up in an efficient manner.

Additional exercises

You can do several exercises with resistance bands. If you have a training partner nearby, you’ll be able to train your biceps and triceps. You can do some chest flies as well. We’ll link a video down below elaborating further on this topic.

Supporting function

Not only do resistance bands help you with overcoming plateaus, they can support you when learning new exercises. Some exercises presuppose basic core strength, so you might need some bands in order for you to develop that strength.


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