Beast Workout

Thor – Workout of the Norse Gods

With this training, we’ll focus on your upper body, with the main emphasis on your back and chest. In order to appear as large as the norse God of Thunder, your torso needs some work.

The following exercises and the repetitions mentioned can be done in as many sets as you want to. We can’t stress the importance of being hydrated before, during and after the workout enough, so make sure a bottle of water is close to you at any time.

But before you start working out, here’s a song which will boost you 100%.

Here’s what the workout looks like (Brace Yourself) :

15 Muscle Ups

50 Dips

30 Regular Pull-Ups

100 Push Ups

30 Close Grip Pull-Ups

30 Clapping Push-Ups

20 Chin Ups

After this intense workout make sure to eat and rest well afterwards. We’ll link some shake recipes down here, maybe you’ll like it

If you don’t feel ready to perform this crazy workout routine, you might be interested in our Beginner Routines.